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Once the result has been seen, in which lampposts, portals, pipes or cables are distinguished, different professionals in urban architecture have already defended the vocation of public service that this system has. Helping to decongest the city , preventing possible concentrations of polluting gases or deciding where it is necessary to increase the green area of ​​a neighborhood are some of the ideas that are in mind to take advantage of this system. Evaluating the facades of old buildings or the situation of properties during the excavation of roads can, for example, help the integration of tunnels or underground services that benefit citizens. Urban planning can also benefit from this tool when it comes to anticipating possible accidents that can occur on a street. Even making an interactive map with routes for access to people with reduced mobility can be one of the apps that can get the most out of this system.

More than  children participate in the first Talentum Junior Game Jam Fernando Mateos Fernando Mateos On January  the event that concluded the first Junior Game Jam organized by UK Mobile Number List   platform for promoting young talent, took place. After the participation of 700 children from seven schools in Madrid affiliated with the Talentum Schools programme, there have been finalists in the contest that was resolved with four winners. The world of video games has been established in our culture for years. Although they originally began as an exclusive medium for entertainment, the reality is that they constitute a science with more and more applications. According to this,s have been used for educational purposes for a long time: examples oriented towards the most basic learning, such as the alphabet, to games to learn to speak chinese.

However, some institutions are beginning to realize the educational potential that resides in the development and design of s itself. In this sense, the event that concluded the first Junior Game Jam organized by Talentum , Telefónica's platform for promoting young talent, took place on January 31st . The participants, aged between 9 and 13, have developed a video game with the Scratch program between November and December , based on the concept of the four cardinal points: North, South, East and West . After the participation of 700 children from seven schools in Madrid attached to the Talentum Schools program , there have been 13 finalists in the contest that has been resolved with four winners.


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